Stephanie Deady (b.1990). Deady has graduated with a BA Honours in Fine Art specialising in painting from Limerick School of Art &Design in 2014. Her work has recently been purchased by the OPW State Art Collection and was selected as part of this year 186th RHA Annual Exhibition. Born in Limerick she is now living in Dublin working from her studio space in Jaja’s Studios Stoneybatter. The space contains artists dappling in a wide variety of dynamic forms of expression. From musicians, poets, sculptors, painters and activists all contributing to the environment the artist submerges herself in.

Deady is a contemporary Irish painter who uses a meditative process to contemplate the orient she resides in. She gently stabilises her thought process to form a steadiness that continues throughout the work. The work is a continuum that takes comfort in holding onto certain remerging practices that persist into a new frame. The gathering of this practice incorporates a constant observation, contemplative and meditative state. The work brings familiarity to the viewer by the remerging of familiar shapes and/or qualities that exist simultaneously within our surroundings. Her practice aims to engage the viewer by simulating them to reamerse themselves in this soothing reconnecting experience.

To date the work is primarily achieved with the medium of paint, with the occasional interaction with gold leaf, marker and wallpaper. The paintings hold a large quantity of white which helps neutralise and balance each other so each piece is strongly connected to the previous but gradually differing as a series develops and environments and situations alternate.