Artist’s Statement

“I think he felt some way trapped by the formality and permanence of his words...There is something so final about words and in a very real way they are often inadequate to express something visually complex.” - As observed by Richard Diebenkorn’s daughter, Gretchen Diebenkorn Grant, when describing her father feelings when prompted to express his opinion on Art his own work and the Art of others.

This continuous body of work mirrors this feeling and encourages the enjoyment of visual language where words are left silent to express the experience of paint. There is no heavy emphasis on theory but on the sheer joy of looking. The understanding of these art pieces are here for the taking through your own eyes. Complex if made complex. Simple if made simple. What really is trying to be expressed here is not justified by words; it is an overlap of visual language that the individual’s eye and mind controls. The paintings simply encourage a language of looking, with a combination of the thoughts that are primed by our own personal happenings and encounters. These pieces intend to encourage a heightened seeing realised by being visually alert.